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It all started with the love for soft, luxury fabrics.

Founded in 2018, Sea to Me sought to bring cozy, comfortable children’s blankets and clothing to the Southern California market. Today, our focus is providing top of the line luxury blankets made for everyone, everywhere. 

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We are a women-owned company working with women-owned manufacturers. 

As business partners and best friends of 20+ years, we strive to support and empower female entrepreneurs to create the best quality products on the market.


Through our growing resort and retail partnerships along with our ability to ship worldwide, we’re excited to expand our reach by making the world’s softest blankets accessible to all.

Our blankets are U.S.A made, hand sewn in Los Angeles.

Our core focus is quality.

We strive to use the highest quality fabric, the highest quality construction, and maintain the highest quality relationships with vendors and customers. We are grateful for all the people who have helped make this company successful.


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